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Z. Gambal, MD

Clinical Director, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson

When an anesthesiologist has been excluded from a particular hospital’s staff or anesthesia group and then sues based on an alleged antitrust violation yaz arrhythmia purchase midamor 45 mg mastercard, the anesthesiologist loses virtually automatically arrhythmia and palpitation generic 45 mg midamor with mastercard. This is because there is still significant competition in the relevant medical care marketplace (community or region) and competition in that market is not threatened by the exclusion of one physician from one 176 staff heart attack 5 year survival rate buy midamor 45 mg mastercard. In essence, if there are several hospitals offering relatively similar services to an immediate community (the market), denial of privileges to one physician by one hospital is not anticompetitive. If, on the other hand, there is only one hospital in a smaller market, then the same act, the same set of circumstances, could be seen very differently. In that case, there would be a limitation of competition because the hospital dominates and, in fact, may control the market for hospital services. Exclusion of one physician, then, could limit access by the consumers to alternative competing services and hence would likely be judged an antitrust violation. By definition, two or more separate economic entities must be involved in an agreement that is challenged as illegal for this section to apply. Section 2 prohibits monopolies or conspiracy to create a monopoly, and it is possible that this could apply to a single economic entity that has illegally gained domination of a market. Consideration of possible monopolistic domination of a market involves a situation in which a single entity controls at least 50% of the business in that market. The stakes are high in that the antitrust legislation provides for triple damages if a lawsuit is successful. The potential for a “whistle-blower” to file a lawsuit and receive a fractional payment out of the eventual financial penalties against a guilty party has in some cases provoked employees or former employees of a health system or group practice to institute such lawsuits. Under the per se rule, which is applied relatively rarely, conduct that is obviously limiting competition in a market is automatically illegal. The other type of violation is based on the rule of reason, which involves a careful analysis of the market and the state of competition. The more competitors there are in a market, the less likely that any one act is anticompetitive. In a community with two hospitals, one smaller than the other, with an anesthesiology group practice exclusively at each, if the larger anesthesiology practice group buys out and absorbs the smaller, leaving only one group for the only two hospitals in the community, that may be anticompetitive, particularly if a new anesthesiologist seeks to practice solo at those hospitals and is refused privileges. Legal Implications 177 In the current era of rapidly evolving practice arrangements, the antitrust laws are important. If physicians (individuals or groups), who normally would be competitors because they are separate economic entities, meet and agree on the prices they will charge or the terms they will seek in a managed care, health system, or institutional contract, that can be anticompetitive, monopolistic, and hence possibly illegal. Note that sharing a common office and common billing service alone is not enough to constitute a true group. If, on the other hand, the same physicians join in a true economic partnership to form a new group (total integration), that is a single economic entity (and meets certain other criteria) that will set prices and negotiate contracts, that is perfectly legal. There must be capital investment and also risk-sharing (if there is a profit or loss, it is distributed among the group members)—that is, total integration into a genuine partnership (that is usually incorporated, sometimes as a limited liability corporation). This issue is very important in considering the drive for new organizations to put together networks of physicians that then seek contracts with major employers to provide medical care. Sometimes, hospitals or clinics attempt to form a network comprising all the members of the medical staff so that the resulting entity can bid globally for total care contracts. If the participating physicians of one specialty in a network are separate economic entities and the network advertises one price for their services, this would seem to suggest an antitrust violation (horizontal price fixing). In the past, if a network involved fewer than 20% of one type of medical specialist in a market, that was called a safe harbor, meaning that it was permissible for nonpartners to get together and negotiate prices. The federal government has tried to encourage formation of such networks to help reduce health-care costs, and as a result made some relevant exceptions to the application of these rules. As long as the network is nonexclusive (other nonnetwork physicians of a given specialty are free to practice in the same facilities and compete for the same patients), the network can comprise up to 30% of the physicians of one specialty in a market. Note specifically that this does not allow a local specialty society in a big city to serve as a bargaining agent on fees for its members because it is very likely that more than 30% of the specialists in an area will be members of the society. The only real exception to this provision is in thinly populated rural areas where there may be just one physician network. In such cases (which are, so far, less common because the major managed care, health system, and network activity has occurred mainly in more heavily populated urban areas), there is no limit on how many of one specialty can become network members and have the network negotiate fees, as long as the network is nonexclusive. Relevant legislation, regulations, and court actions all happen rapidly and 178 often.


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Table 58-2 Adult Advanced Cardiac Life Support Drugs and Doses (Intravenous) If intravenous or intraosseous access cannot be established arrhythmia game midamor 45 mg purchase on line, the endotracheal tube is an alternative route for administration of epinephrine arrhythmia while sleeping buy 45 mg midamor mastercard, vasopressin arrhythmia effects discount 45 mg midamor overnight delivery, lidocaine, and atropine. It is unclear whether deep injection is better than simple instillation into the endotracheal tube. The efficacy of epinephrine lies entirely in its α- adrenergic properties (see71 Chapter 13). Peripheral vasoconstriction leads to an increase in aortic diastolic pressure, causing an increase in coronary perfusion pressure and myocardial blood flow. In the fibrillating heart, epinephrine increases oxygen consumption and decreases the endocardial-to-epicardial blood flow ratio. Large doses of epinephrine increase deaths in swine early after resuscitation because of tachyarrhythmias and hypertension, an effect partially offset by metoprolol treatment. In the absence of such monitoring, the dose of epinephrine must be chosen empirically. Since the studies of Redding and Pearson13,84 in the 1960s, the standard intravenous dose used has been 0. Reports were published, including case reports and a series of children with historic controls, of return of spontaneous circulation when large doses (0. Subsequent outcome studies did not demonstrate conclusively that higher doses of epinephrine improve survival. Eight adult prospective randomized clinical trials involving more than 9,000 cardiac arrest patients found no improvement in survival to hospital discharge or neurologic outcome, even in subgroups, when initial high-dose epinephrine (5 to 18 mg) is compared with standard doses (1 to 2 mg). High doses apparently are not needed early in 4185 most cardiac arrests and could be deleterious under some circumstances. The use of high-dose epinephrine as rescue therapy when standard doses have failed has not been rigorously studied. There is only one double-blind randomized control trial of epinephrine versus placebo reported from a single ambulance service in Australia. Although more than twice as many patients receiving epinephrine survived to hospital discharge, this was not statistically significant because of the low numbers of survivors. Current recommendations are to give 1 mg intravenously every 3 to 5 minutes in the adult. If this dose seems ineffective or to treat β-blocker or calcium channel blocker overdose, higher doses (3 to 7 mg) may be considered. Vasopressin Arginine vasopressin has been used as an alternative to epinephrine in a dose of 40 U intravenous/intraosseous (see Chapter 13). Vasopressin is a naturally occurring hormone (antidiuretic hormone) that, when administered in high doses, is a potent nonadrenergic vasoconstrictor, acting by stimulation of smooth muscle V receptors. It is usually not recommended for conscious1 patients with coronary artery disease because the increased peripheral vascular resistance may provoke angina. Postresuscitation myocardial depression and splanchnic blood flow reduction are more marked with vasopressin than epinephrine, but they are transient and can be treated with low doses of dopamine. The hemodynamic effects of vasopressin, compared with 4186 epinephrine, are especially impressive during long cardiac arrests. A multicenter, randomized study of 1,186 patients comparing vasopressin 40 U and epinephrine 1 mg for the first two doses of vasopressor during resuscitation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest found no overall difference in survival to hospital admission (36% vs. It depresses automaticity by reducing the slope of phase 4 depolarization and reducing the heterogeneity of ventricular refractoriness. Amiodarone is a pharmacologically complex drug with sodium, potassium, calcium, and α-adrenergic and β-adrenergic blocking properties that is useful for treatment of atrial and ventricular dysrhythmias. Amiodarone can cause hypotension and bradycardia when infused too rapidly in patients with an intact circulation. There are two randomized, blinded, placebo- controlled clinical trials in shock-resistant cardiac arrest victims demonstrating improved survival to hospital with amiodarone treatment, although there was no difference in survival to discharge. Consequently, defibrillation should not be withheld or delayed to establish intravenous access or to administer drugs. In cardiac arrest, amiodarone is initially administered as a 300-mg rapid infusion. Supplemental infusions of 150 mg can be repeated as necessary for recurrent or resistant dysrhythmias to a 4187 maximum total daily dose of 2 g. It is an alternative therapy in refractory fibrillation if amiodarone is not available.

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The extent Modifcations to the Technique to which the neurovascular structures in the cavernous sinus are encased by the pathology must be carefully assessed prehypertension and ecg cheap midamor 45 mg on line. Al- The technique described above is used for most lesions con- though encasement is not a contraindication to this approach blood pressure medication starting with a discount midamor uk, fned to the sella turcica heart attack 90 percent blockage generic midamor 45 mg mastercard. However, modifcations to the ap- surgeons must judge their ability to safely dissect the tumor proach may be necessary in certain situations where there of the carotid artery and should keep in mind the possibil- is considerable extension of the sellar lesion through the ity of radiosurgery and fractionated radiation to control the diaphragma sella into the suprasellar cistern. The wide exposure of Sellar Hemostasis the sphenoid and the skull base provides excellent access Once the tumor has been completely removed, minor oozing to the planum sphenoidale and tuberculum sella. With this from the sella is controlled by packing the sella with neu- exposure the removal of the sellar foor can be extended 174 Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery A–C D–F G–I Fig. The position of isk indicates the intersinus septum terminating onto the anterior wall the clivus (c) is inferior to the sella. Small asterisks indicate the accessory septa terminating (30-degree endoscope) of the diaphragm and the infundibulum follow- laterally onto the carotid artery. Incision of the dura provides ex- ing to the suprasellar region through the diaphragma (Fig. Intraoperative pictures of the endonasal transsphe- more complete removal of sellar lesions that extend through noidal approach are shown. The ap- been achieved by extending bilateral sphenoidotomies to the proach may also be used for some purely suprasellar prechias- midline and removing part of the posterior nasal septum (Fig. This endoscopic extended transsphenoidal approach sellar foor and bilateral accessory intersinus septi. Note the intersinus sep- tum inserting on the tuberculum sella and planum sphenoi- dale. The optic nerves and the carotid artery prominences are visualized on the lateral wall. The contents of the mass tored in the neurosurgical intensive care unit, particularly were mucoid secretion, consistent with a Rathke’s cyst. This was repaired with adipose tissue and fbrin ond postoperative day, and cortisol replacement is initiated glue. If no lumbar drain has been placed, patients ambulate on the second postoperative day Case 2 and may be and discharged on the third postoperative day or as soon as they are ambulating and eating well. Intraopera- Any blood clots in the nasal cavity are aspirated under en- tively soft whitish adenoma was removed. The frst ofce visit is scheduled after a week following Histology confrmed a pituitary adenoma. After application of topical 4% cocaine, blood chemistry was negative for secretory tumors. Postoperative follow-up A 49-year-old woman presented with headaches and dip- is also provided by the endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, lopia of 2 weeks’ duration. I Demonstration Cases Intraoperative pictures show the left optic nerve, carotid Four cases of diferent sellar pathology are presented to artery, and the opticocarotid recess (Fig. Intraoperatively heavily blood-stained fuid with infracted Case 1 pituitary tissue was removed from the sella. Findings were A 60-year-old hypertensive woman presented with bitem- consistent with that of pituitary apoplexy. Note the position of the paraclival 17 Clinical Pearls in Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: An Otolaryngologist’s Perspective 177 A–C D–F Fig. The pituitary stalk also shows normal enhance- tent stripping of sphenoid mucosa, cavernous sinus trauma, ment (Fig. Decongesting the nasal mucosa preoperatively and in- Case 4 traoperatively, the use of bipolar diathermy on the tumor A 24-year-old woman presented with panhypopituitarism. Some remnant tumor adherent Cavernous sinus bleeding should be suspected when ve- to the anterior aspect of the diaphragma was visualized. The nous bleeding flls the surgical feld; it can be repaired with remnant tumor was removed with a long curved olive-shaped Surgicel, fbrin matrix, or application of FloSeal. Histo- Perhaps the most feared complication is trauma to the pathology of the tumor was reported as a craniopharyngioma. Bleeding from the carotid artery Postoperative changes in the sella were seen 2 years later (Fig. The large tumor has been removed and is replaced ponade by promptly packing the nose and the sinus cavity with a small cystic lesion with postoperative changes.

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Some assays use avidin–biotin complexes between Abs and antigens to increase assay sensitivities heart attack treatment midamor 45 mg with mastercard. Kobayashi 4 Antibody Detection: Principles and Applications 57 green color) in the presence of hydrogen peroxide arteria d8 midamor 45 mg order online, which can be seen without a spectrophotometer blood pressure chart systolic diastolic generic 45 mg midamor overnight delivery. The amount of color generated is then measured after a fixed incubation time at a specific wavelength. The optical density obtained is then related back to the concentration of the antigen in the sample. Conformational antibody test such as immunoblotting method is another technique for antibody detection. In the so-called Western Blot or immunoblot method, the capture antigens such as proteins, peptides, or viral lysates are elec- trotransferred to a nitrocellulose membrane. If target antibodies are present in the specimen, they will bind to the antigens present on the nitrocellulose strips. Rapid antibody detection has been achieved by using lateral flow diffusion (hand- held, portable device) method. Assay uses colloidal gold, carbon, paramagnetic, or color latex beads for visible line in capture zone on the nitrocellulose or nylon membrane. Known as “handheld” assays, lateral flow assays were initially developed for drugs and pregnancy testing , they are simple to use require minimal training, and require no special storage conditions. In most cases, the manufacturer provides simple instructions that include pictures of positive and negative results. The assays are typically designed on nitrocellulose or nylon membranes contained within a plastic or cardboard housing. In the antibody detection format, a capture antigen is bound to the membrane, and a secondary labeled antibody is placed on a sample appli- cation pad. As the sample migrates down the membrane by capillary action, anti- body present in the sample binds to the labeled antigen and is captured as the complex passes. Colloidal gold, carbon, paramagnetic, or colored latex beads are commonly used particles that create a visible line in the capture zone of the assay membrane for a positive result. This is useful particularly when the control line is built in so that general quality control can be performed only once daily. In general, antibody in a test serum binds radiolabeled antigen to form antigen–antibody complex in liquid phase. Radioactivity can be measured by collecting beads after centrifugation and by gamma counter. The continuous production of the intermediate results in the sustained emission of light for photon output signal measured by the luminometer. Using this type of signal enhancement has allowed immunoassays to be developed that are faster and more sensitive than any traditional colorimetric assay. Light intensity is a linear function of the amount of label enzyme, and the luminescence intensity at any time point is a direct measure of the concentration of the enzyme. The low background signal of the system allows a high degree of discrimination between negative and (true) positive serum samples. Amplify by turnover of the chosen substrate, a single enzyme label can convert >107 mole- cules per minute, a millionfold increase. One oxidation event liberates one molecule of label with release of set number of photons. A nonenzymatic system uses direct chemilumines- cent labels which have lower background signals than the enzyme systems, and will typically give rise to very fast times to elicit signals. Luminol reaction is widely used as a chemiluminescent fast or “flash” reaction, but unlike the peroxyoxalate systems does not require an organic/mixed solvent system. The chemiluminescent emitter is a “direct descendent” of the oxidation of luminol by an oxidant in basic aqueous solution. With the acri- dinium ester system, after the immunological binding and subsequent wash step, the signal takes only 2 seconds to develop, compared with 30 min or longer for an enzyme- generated system. This molecule can turn to chemiluminescence that will speed up most assays by an assay of tenfold or more sensitive and can be easily detected [10]. Unlike absorbance (colorimetric) or fluorescent measure- ments, assay samples typically contribute little or no native background chemiluminescence. The lack of inherent background and the ability to easily mea- sure very low and very high light intensities with simple instrumentation provide a large potential dynamic range of measurement.

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Copper, 40 years: Are bioprostheses associated with better outcome than mechanical valves in patients with chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis who undergo valve surgery? These promising fndings suggest that traditional trials may be missing important treatment effects, and new strategies may be required to embrace heterogeneity and hidden phenotypes, not only in post hoc analysis but in pretrial design and simulation. The efforts of anticipation of the complication, measures of prophylaxis, and earlier recognition and intervention all soon bore fruits: fewer organ failures and better survival.

Orknarok, 22 years: Differences in associated factors between aortic and mitral valve calcification in hemodialysis. Nighttime salivary corti- sol measurement as a simple, noninvasive, outpatient screening is delayed and permanent hypopituitarism occurs in some 39 test for Cushing’s syndrome in children and adolescents. Hypothermia 3817 Shock, alcohol intoxication, exposure to cold, fluid resuscitation, and abnormalities in thermoregulatory mechanisms render the major trauma patient hypothermic during the initial phase of injury.

Rhobar, 49 years: Load samples on the A-Line and remove analysed samples from C-Line [25] 18 Carin Black and Fabricio da Silva Costa only be loaded when the tray indication light is green. Incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting after pediatric strabismus surgery with sevoflurane or remifentanil–sevoflurane. Open revascularization of infrainguinal disease depends on the level of the lesion(s), and may involve the femoral, popliteal, or infrapopliteal vessels.

Temmy, 41 years: Te superior belly lies superfcial transverse cervical artery or superfcial cervical artery. Dosing adjustment is therefore necessary and monitoring of side effects is important. Voges–Proskauer Test Organisms such as Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Hafnia, and Serratia sp.

Kurt, 43 years: The polyacrylamide gels are neutral, hydrophillic, 3-D networks of long hydrocarbons cross-linked by methylene groups. A comparison of three videolaryngoscopes: the Macintosh laryngoscope blade reduces, but does not replace, routine stylet use for intubation in morbidly obese patients. To this end, several new medical schools have opened in recent years in the United States.

Topork, 21 years: In the absence of surgical stimulation, increasing doses of potent inhaled anesthesia or opioids will shift the curve to the right and eventually depress the slope (green, red, and brown lines). Tapentadol potentiates descending pain inhibition in chronic pain patients with diabetic polyneuropathy. Association between timing of antibiotic administration and mortality from septic shock in patients treated with a quantitative resuscitation protocol.

Ningal, 31 years: Does hyperventilation improve operating condition during supratentorial craniotomy? Hence, and notwith- standing the lack of bad odour of the blood, Davaine introduced the concept of septicaemia or ‘blood poisoning’ [11]. Progesterone induces increases in minute ventilation, which increases from the beginning of pregnancy to a maximum of 50% above nonpregnant values at term.

Giacomo, 45 years: As blood moves through the sinusoid it passes from the intermediate zone 2 into zone 3, which surrounds the central vein. Oropharyngeal blood from continued epistaxis suggests that adequate drying and analgesia of the airway may be difficult and that the use of a flexible intubation device may not be prudent. Performing the77 block requires ultrasound guidance and a low local anesthetic volume placed distally within the adductor canal to avoid motor blockade to the vastus medialis.

Bengerd, 34 years: Succinylcholine, cisatracurium, and rocuronium are acceptable for muscle relaxation. The lipid is extracted during tissue processing for paraffin section, although its protein component remains. Multiprofessional guidelines for the manage- Local spread can lead to bleeding and secondary infection and, even- ment of the patient with primary cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

Wenzel, 51 years: Magnetic resonance imaging of the distribution of local anesthetic during the three-in-one block. In the cm-long, 4-mm-diameter endoscope (Karl Storz, Tuttlingen, case of large macroadenomas, removal of the nasal septum Germany) is introduced through the left nostril (right nos- allows for the two-nostril, four-handed approach. Hypo and hypersensitivity to vecuronium in a patient with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Rozhov, 64 years: Antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, benzodiazepines, and a variety of other medications are also associated with central anticholinergic syndrome (Table 13-4). The patient may have any number of these blood can be sampled and stored at 4°C in the refrigera- symptoms, and they will vary with the severity of the thy- tor and sent later that day or the next day to a specialized roid hormone defciency and the length of time the body laboratory. The endoscopic approach to the anterior her equipment at the left side of the patient at the level of skull base has motivated several anatomical studies and led the head.

Spike, 44 years: Whenever possible, one should start therapy with micro- bicidal rather than microbiostatic antimicrobial agents. Newer melanoma is the disproportionate incidence in young adults (18% technologies include image analysis, but their value and accuracy in of melanomas present in people aged 20–35years compared with early diagnosis are unclear. Milnacipran for the treatment of fibromyalgia in adults: A 15-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose clinical trial.

Connor, 48 years: Remember, laryngospasm cannot develop or persist if the vocal cords are moving and the child is vocalizing or crying. Avoid foam formation in all reagents and sample types, includ- ing specimens, calibrators, and controls. It is diffcult to maintain an accurate I&O due to insensible losses like sweating and fstulae that are not bagged.

Kor-Shach, 59 years: This is all correct, which was used (22 patients) versus a sublabial microscopic tech- is why most microscope pituitary surgeons have long ago nique (22 patients), which was attributed to less mucosal abandoned the sublabial approach. Marangoni A, Sambri V, Storni E, D’Antuono A, Negosanti M, Cevenini R (2000) Treponema pallidum surface immunofluorescence assay for serologic diagnosis of syphilis. Furthermore, decreased regional pulmonary blood flow results in bronchiolar constriction and diminishes the degree of dead space ventilation.

Agenak, 35 years: Similar to other procedures in which the facial nerve is at risk for injury or transection during dissection, it is necessary to avoid paralysis so that the facial nerve may be periodically stimulated to verify its integrity. During inspiration, the pressure within the upper airway is subatmospheric; thus, there is a tendency for the upper airway to collapse under the influence of the surrounding atmospheric pressure. Pericarditis may occur secondary to uremia or dialysis, with pericardial tamponade developing in 20% of the latter group.

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